Happy Birthday JJ!

My youngest turns 7 today.

Wow, do I feel old!

She is such a vibrant, cheerful & well-mannered young lady. I love how she can take the toughest situations and make them cheery. I don’t know how many times she has been my saving grace —> her hugs and smiles make my stress disappear!

She can keep herself occupied all day or she can be the leader of the pack when playing with others. She beats to her own drum and I hope she continues to far into the future.

She makes me proud.

Her freckles on her face are not “freckles” –> they are “Angel Kisses” which means she is loved by many angels. She is so very proud of her “Angel Kisses!”WMIMG0002

She loves to do projects just like her mom and dad.

Her imagination is in full force. Somedays I am not sure where it takes her!

She loves everyone and everything.

She is not afraid to talk to someone new and make a new friend.WMIMG0003

Her favorite color is green.

She loves playing outside, getting dirty.

She loves to be held; she loves to dance; she loves to sing.

JJ will always be my baby. She still loves to cuddle and fall asleep on me and I hope that will continue for a long, long time.

Happy Birthday Jadyn! We Love YOU!




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