Laundry Shelf

I was rooting through the wood shelf in the garage for some wood to use for B’s Mirror Cabinet (more on that project later) and came across a long painted 1×8. I wasn’t sure sure where it came from but I had an educated guess that it was leftover from our neighbor’s trim project a couple of weeks ago. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this newly found treasure! I have been seeing shelves behind the washers and dryers lately and I felt that would be a great addition to our laundry room and it appeared to be just the right size! It’s also such a quick and easy project!

Just look at ThriftyDecorChick’s shelf behind her washer and dryer!

Thrifty Decor Chick

…and Liz Marie’s shelf behind her laundry appliances!

Liz Marie Blog


So inside I went…and measure up my space. I took my board to the shop to cut it down to length. I also cut a couple brackets and used a 45 degree angle on the front. I pre-drilled the holes and started my screws so I didn’t have to fumble around inside and risk the possibility of dropping one of my screws behind the washer. First, I installed one of the side brackets. Using a level, I made sure the side bracket was level with the center bracket then the center bracket with the other side bracket. All I needed to do now was to lay the shelf on top of the brackets.When I went to lay the shelf on the brackets, I realized it was a little too tight! So back out to the shop I go to trim off a blade’s width. Once the board was trimmed, it fit nicely in the space.

Not bad for a quick, simple and no-cost project! Now, I just need to paint the brackets!


Now, off to the next project!



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