Coffee Table Makeover

I contacted my friend Laura over at Rethunk Junk by Laura after seeing some of her amazing work on Pinterest. Her business provides some amazing paint products that #BreakTheChalkHabit and can also be used on wood veneers and Formica! No sanding necessary! She was gracious enough to send me a little goodie box! I was so surprised and excited to get started! She even sent some gum -apparently a “must have” when painting furniture! Hehe! –> Thanks Laura!

WMIMG_00023As I mentioned in a previous post, I have an heirloom dining table that I have been itching to redo. It has a wood grain Formica top which is the main reason it has held up very well for the past 25 years. I want to keep the wood grain but I just wished it was a darker wood so it would match my decor. Because it is an heirloom, I wanted to test out her products first before I dove right in redoing my dining table so another piece it was going to be.

WMIMG_00001I purchased my coffee table a couple years ago from one of those rummage sale pages on Facebook. I think I paid $6 or $7 for the table at that time. –> My kind of budget!

It came with some imperfections and my dogs created some more imperfections (Bad Dog!) so I was not too concerned if I totally messed this one up. It is not solid wood. It has wood veneers all over! As you can see, the wood veneer was peeling off. (I bought it that way) WMIMG_00002

So at 8:30 at night, I had one kid in bed and the other was on her phone playing a game and watching me at the same time. (She is such a supervisor!) I started with Laura’s “Prep” stage. I sprayed the Prep all over and wiped it with a clean white towel to get all the oil, dust and dirt off the coffee table.

Next, was the furniture paint. I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried when I was putting on the first coat. It was really thin! But…I kept going. I new I wanted the bottom part painted black so I used the color “Midnight” by Rethunk Junk by Laura. WMIMG_00003

As I painted the first coat, I was still worried. I went back to my box of goodies to pull out the card she sent with the package. She indicates that the first coat is the bonding coat and will be thin. This eased my mind so I continued to paint a second coat. The paint was easier to go on but honestly it was still a little thin. I think I ended up with three coats of paint to get to a look I felt comfortable with. I remember watching one of Laura’s YouTube videos about redoing a Formica dining table (imagine that!) and she showed a technique that I was going to try.

WMIMG_00005My flooring in my living room/kitchen/dining room is Brazilian Koa. It has high contrasting lights and darks which I absolutely love. I wanted to replicate this on the coffee table top so I took the leftover “Midnight” color in my foam brush and used it on the top to give more depth. There was no rhyme or reason to my strokes other than they were in the same direction of the wood grain. You better believe me when I said was was nervous and second guessing myself but I kept going. The other thing I did with the “Midnight” color was to color in the exposed MDF where the veneer was off. This ended up being a great decision.WMIMG_00007

Although you can still see the imperfection up close, it does not stand out like a sore thumb. You actually have to know it’s there or stare directly at it to see the imperfection!

After the paint was dry (took no time at all!), I used the Dark Walnut stain on the top only. I wanted to darken the wood just a little bit. I put a generous coat of stain on using a foam brush. At first, I didn’t see a difference. After it dried, I could see a slight difference which is what I liked —> subtle. WMIMG_00010

Finally, I topped it off with a coat of Rethunk Junk’s Tuff Top. I was initially going to just do the top but decided I would do the bottom shelf as well. We constantly use the shelf to store blankets and so I wanted to give the extra protection. The Tuff Top was really thin. I put two coats on both the top and the shelf. Notice the sheen the Tuff Top gave!

The whole project took me about two hours. The cleanup was extremely easy, all I needed to do was to just wash my foam brush and put the lids on the products I used!

Here are the four products used in my coffee table makeover:


Again, I am extremely satisfied with the results of my furniture makeover. I will be using Rethunk Junk by Laura products again in the very near future so stay tuned!


Until next time!




*I was given the product for free for my honest opinion. All opinions in this post are my own and are true and accurate. 






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