Pinterest Dreams (Dining Room)

I am in a creative phase right now and want to make everything I see on Pinterest but we all know that is not going to happen. First of all, I have a lot of ideas and a non-existent budget per Hubby. Secondly, who has the time? I work full-time outside the house, my evenings are filling up with soccer practice and gymnastics and my weekends right now are reserved for camping. Anyways, a girl can dream right? I don’t know why but I chose my dining room to redecorate first. Maybe it’s the heirloom table that doesn’t match anything or maybe its just…blah.

I have so many ideas that I have pinned already but for the sake of you looking through a hundred pictures, I have narrowed it down to these four:

I really want to install shiplap on one of the walls in my dining room. I really like how it makes the room feel.The rustic look reminds me of something Joanna Gaines would have in one of her houses. (I am hooked on HGTV’s Fixer Upper!) I also like the shelf idea above the shiplap too – this way I can add some picture frames and other art. I have seen how inexpensive one wall could potentially be! I have a Menards Rebate check burning a hole in my pocket! Photo Credit: Pinterest –> Just look at the picture below, can you see what a difference it potentially could make!



The next picture shows a unique light fixture. I really want to try and replicate this fixture at a fraction of the cost. I’m thinking making it out of some wood embroidering rings, 2″x 2″ hardwood and some recycled wine bottle globes? Right now I have a ceiling fan which I am trying to get moved to another room. I am not really a ‘fan’ of a ceiling fan in my dining room! Hehe! Photo Credit: House of Turquoise


These embroidery hoops are only $3.37 each on! You actually get two rings in one 🙂 I could definitely see myself using these for the circles in the light fixture.

These would look great stained the same color as the framework of the light fixture. I have some leftover stain from our kitchen cabinets – maybe this way I can bring the rich brown mahogany color into my dining room.


As I mentioned above, I have an heirloom dining table that I love. It can be small or I can extend the size with two table leafs for those bigger dinners with family. It was the table I sat at every night for dinner when I was a little girl. It has held up very well for the past 25 years partly being that it has a Formica top. I can tell the table and chairs are going to need refinished sooner or later – hopefully sooner! It is a medium oak color and unfortunately it does not match anything in my house. 😦 I have to do some more research to see how I can refinish a Formica top…stay tuned! Photo Credit: Stone Gable Blog


Finally, I have a huge window in my dining room. I love it. It lets in so much natural sunlight and when the window is open, I get some nice air movement (a reason the ceiling fan is not really needed in the dining room.) I have wanted to install built-ins from the start but it always seems to be put on the back burner because another project is going on. I am not going to lie, this one is probably not going to happen in quite a awhile! Photo Credit: The Grey Interiors

I always say dreaming is good. Dreams are goals and goals give you a reason to keep pushing forward! The main reason I started this blog was to hold me accountable to keep pushing forward and to finish projects to the very end. I really love when my children see me start a project and it turns out super awesome in the end!



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