No Spend Project – Arrow Sign

I’m trying to think of some things I can do to decorate my home without spending any money. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that have caught my attention and I want to do every. single. one of them!

For now, we will start with a simple scrap wood sign.

I wish I remembered to take a before picture – I guess I was just super excited to get started but my phone was no where around (I guess too much Pinterest-ing caused my battery to need a full charge!)

Anyways, I was at the camper last weekend and was looking through the scrap wood burn barrel to see if there was anything salvageable-JACKPOT!. I found quite a few pieces of wood that I can C-R-E-A-T-E! Within my finds, I had an old piece of 1×6 and a red piece of 1×4. I place the red piece on top of the old rough piece and knew exactly what I wanted to make. I have been seeing arrows all around on blogs and social media being used in their decor and so I wanted one. The red piece of wood already had some holes where old screws used to be so I embraced that and figured I would just reuse the holes.

Tools I used: Makita Miter Saw, Makita Jig Saw, Makita orbital sander and my Makita Impact. Obviously they do not need to be any brand per se but I love the Makita brand and the ability to use the same batteries between all the tools. —> Just an FYI, Hubby and I did not buy all these tools at once! They are so expensive that I allowed Hubby to buy one big tool (Miter Saw, Table Saw, etc) per major project. The other smaller tools like the Impact, Jig Saw, Sander, etc were given as gifts over the past 5 years for Christmas, Birthdays, Father Days, etc. –> Gifts that are actually used often are the best gifts!

Materials I used: Red scrap wood, Barnwood scrap piece, 3 1.5″ black construction screws. = $0.00 spent

I turned the red piece of scrap wood over and scribbled the outline of the arrow. I used 45 degree angles on the point and feathers of the arrow. Once the drawing was made on the backside, I used the Jig Saw with the face still facing down to make my cuts. I wasn’t too concerned on the straightness of the cuts so I just followed my pencil line the best I could. Once the cuts were complete, I took the sander and knocked off the rough spots on the red scrap and the old scrap. I used the pre-existing screw holes and attached the arrow to the old scrap. To my surprise, my $0.00, ten minute project turned out better than I expected! I love this new piece of my collection of decor!

This piece will find its home on my dining room wall once I install my shiplap and shelf. 🙂 Hubby is still shaking his head on this one! I am sure he will be pleasantly surprised as long as I keep the cost super low!

On a side note, my cousin is tearing down a few old barns! You know what this means??? Insert “Happy Dance” – just think of the possibilities!





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