Pop of Color!

Let’s change things up a bit! After all the remodeling of our house, it is time to add some personal character. I plan to use my blog to track my projects, keep me accountable to complete my projects (“B” is my oldest daughter and she knows all about my unfinished projects –> you’ll get to see me finish one or two of her projects in her room!) and showcase my awesome (and not-so-awesome) ideas!

Ok, I’ll have to admit, I have never used chalk paint until today. I wasn’t quite sure of it until I tried it – I mean, it’s really expensive paint if you ask me but I see everyone using it. They claim you do not need to sand your piece of furniture first…I did only because this gem was given to me free of charge (my kind of budget!) but it was full of deep scratches. I didn’t want all the scratches to come through so sanding it was going to have to be.

Can I let you in on a secret? I sanded most of the cabinet months ago! It just kind of sat in my garage collecting dirt and cobwebs until just this week! Slacker, I know! But it’s summertime and I have more important things to do like…go camping. With school just around the corner – literally next week, I need to get back into the “home” stuff. I feel like I stay more organized when I have major projects going on – weird, I know! So anyway, I (re)started this project this week with some more sanding and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Arles color.

Here is my progress right now…


This thing took for-eva to sand! I mean the scratches were so deep, I probably have three hours just in sanding! I could have had even more time sanding had I gone for a smooth non-rustic look. I kept some of the dinks and scratches for character. I decided I am going to stain the top with Minwax’s Dark Walnut stain –> something that will tone down the yellow paint a little. I’m also going to rough up the edges and also install some of these oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls! (affiliate links below)


Stay tuned for the final reveal!



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