Remodel for 9+ Months!

Blue Victorian never started where she is today. We were going to do a little remodel work on her to make her the best we could! Check out the before pictures! One thing that Hubby and I decided was that if we were going to remodel, we were going to make it exactly what we wanted. All the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc was getting a total makeover so I could move rooms all around if I wanted – and I did! Every room found a new more appropriate place in Blue.

Just take a look at these before pictures! – 😦 my baby is no longer that small – she’s turning 7 next month!)


We definitely had our work cut out for us but we were ready – ready to learn about home remodeling! There were some surprises (a hole under our floor with water in it! – Cistern 101), some changes (ok – many, many changes! Gotta roll with the punches!) and some blood (a nail gun to the hand does not feel very good – Poor Hubby!) and tears but overall, the remodel process was a success! I’ve always been told that if you and your spouse can build/remodel a home and still be married at the end, you are stuck for life! –> I guess Hubby is stuck with me after all! Check out some progress pictures!

After about five long months of dirty work, we got to a point where we could move in. We didn’t have everything quite done yet but at least we had Blue to a point we could live in her while we finished the rest. We continued to finish Blue for the next 4+ months.

–> Well we had several phases and we still have some phases that to this day are not 100% complete but that gives us something to do over the next few years!

Phase 1 was to gut and finish the first floor; Phase 2 was to change up the exterior; Phase 3 was landscaping; Phase 4 is to finish the second floor – currently 40% complete; Phase 5 is to add more personalization . Phase 5 is the phase I am currently am in and it will be a never-ending phase. One thing that I decided when doing the whole house was to paint everything the same color to save time and money. Lets just see how we can change her up a bit now that we are “settled”


Just look at Blue! She is so beautiful! I am so exited to say I live in this beautiful Victorian Italianate home! Some people would much rather see a total restoration of such a beautiful house with good bones but as much as I would have loved to restore her, the money it takes to complete a total restoration, we really couldn’t justify the cost. Blue is our forever home and we made the decisions that would take her far into the future with us! Considering she was built in 1885, I am sure she will be around for many more families even after us!



Stay tuned for Phase 5 projects!!



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