The beginning.

Let’s rewind a bit. Let’s go back 6 years to the end of 2010. Hubby and I decided it was time to plant some roots in the town we grew to love. Neither one of us was from this dainty town (under 1500 population) but work brought us here back in 2007 and we rented until now. I was (and still am) a firm believer that my kids should start and graduate from the same school system. I would try my hardest to prevent uprooting my kids from their friends and what they are familiar with just to take a job somewhere else. — don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault anyone if it happens, but for me, I don’t see that happening. Once our oldest started preschool, hubby and I had a long, life-deciding conversation about whether we wanted to stay or leave. We decided the school system was amazing, his job was very secure and since we have already made several friends, we would start house hunting.

We wanted to find something that was affordable so we were not afraid  to do a little manual labor. Besides, if we did a little bit of work, that just makes our home more personal! As we were house hunting we came across 2 houses that we watched go through the foreclosure process. From the county auditor’s site, we had noticed the bank of both properties had indeed taken back the houses from those who lived there. We looked at the outside pictures and even drove by the houses and I distinctively remember saying that I  was not interested in the green Victorian house. – it just was not my style and Hubby agreed. (I guess some things are truly meant to be!)

We looked at the other house real hard from the outside. It was a two story, off a side street, large backyard and just looked like something we could see ourselves in. We contacted the realtor, scheduled an appointment and was immediately disappointed when we walked in. This house needed so much work! Cosmetic work would be okay but the walls were leaning in and the foundation was crumbling. There was water damage all over including inside the entire HVAC system. Hubby and I looked at each other and we both knew we wanted to make this work but something was telling us to walk (run) away from this house. We decided that we would just look at the “other” house – the green Victorian.

When we stepped into the Victorian, we searched for any reason not to purchase it. Don’t tell me why, but we couldn’t find a reason. This house was built in 1885. The structure was very solid. The crawl space (not many houses have basements here and if they do, they seem to flood all the time) actually is 5′ tall  with concrete floors and walls. It seemed the only work needed was cosmetic. We knew that we would need to make a decision fast – houses do not stay on the market very long in our town. Most of the sales are word-of-mouth! It just so happened that the FOR SALE sign was in the window instead of in the yard and the realtor was over an hour away. We knew about this house for sale way before anyone else because we watched it go through the foreclosure process. Anyways, we offered, the bank counter-offered, we countered the counter-offer and then our offer was accepted. We bought this green Victorian for a whopping $25,000 in May of 2011! But…the work was just about to begin! Stay tuned for the remodel process!



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